Funny Stories and Facts From History to Amuse

Because history can be damn hilarious on occasion

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if you don’t think history is amusing then you’re wrong because one time 3 different guys declared themselves pope all at once and they all excommunicated each other and it was basically the funniest shit ever

what about that time the Lichtenstein army sent 80 men to Italy to fight and came back with 81  

what about the time that the prussian emperor kidnapped tall people because he really wanted his armies to be tall

what about that time russia kept being given fake members of their royal family from poland and sweden and all of them were called ‘dmitri’ 

what about the time the us went to war over a pig

during the french revolution, the entire calendar was revised with brand new months and you also were required to publicly declare who your friends were even if you didn’t have any friends

Alcibiades broke the erect penises off a bunch of statues in Athens and sailed off to Siciliy with an expedition before they could put him on trial. 

one time a murderous roman emperor called a few leading officials to his palace in the middle of the night and they were all scared that he was going to have them killed and they were sitting there in terror but then suddenly he jumped out dressed as a woman, did a little dance, and then left without a word as quickly as he’d come

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